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We have an exclusive space for you..

Thanks to our great team and research we already have a great space for you at one of the best location you can be at in Prague - Žižkov. The lease is great and the space is already approved as a restaurant with a full air conditioning setup built-in. 

This will minimize your setup costs and give you a huge advantage of early profit taking.

What is our brand about..

Nature friendly Fast Casual style

100% all-natural cage free chicken and turkey

Every meal cooked in healthy oil without MSG, HFCS, or phosphates

Southern-Style buttermilk marinades

Chicken hand-battered, hand-breaded & made fresh

Healthy lifestyle / Eco system
Balanced diet / Superfood

Vegetables from Czech Eco Farm
Hot & Spicy

Brunch & Lunch

Burrito / Mexican ingredients products 

Vegetarian and vegan friendly

Kids friendly / Kids menu 

Vegetables peeled, chopped, sliced and grated by hand daily
Build your own menu

Wolt delivery with an exclusive conditions
Eating responsibly

Freshly brewed coffee
Czech tap beer
Free internet
Kids friendly enviroment

System of cleaning supplies plan with Eco certificates

Commissary kitchen..

Our first location has the advantage of having a central kitchen and enough space for production and expediting goods for further distribution of the goods to the next new branches. We made the decision that the commissary kitchen oversees as much of the process as possible. Making large batches and getting the same people to produce a lot of the same things over and over again is the best choice for us. Our first commissary kitchen which is located right at the first branch’s basement will be able to provide food for at least 4 branches.

Chickin Delivery..

We've found out the delivery service is highly suitable for Chickin and people really love it. We are proud we managed our delivery system is now providing around 10% of our total revenues. Your new location will cover new areas and get a new loyal customers. Our company has a very advanced fees from Wolt company and also a great marketing which you can already check on Wolt website. We're one of the best and most promoted ones there.

Biodegradable and ecologic packaging..

We love to use biodegradable and ecologic packaging where possible. This is highly systematic plan which has been developed thank to our own developement. We're proud to have the most logical ecological packaging in Czech republic. Paper is our friend.

We also compost part of our organic waste in our industrial experimental vermireactor which is placed in our base branch. We recycle and love 'zero waste' style.

We'll make the business easier for you..

The people behind..

We will provide you with the space and a long term lease agreement

Our reconstruction company and architects will provide you with a full service

We'll draw the projects and manage all kitchen and restaurant equipment for you

We'll train your personell, your store manager and yourself (the owners)

We'll provide you with the menu suitable for your unique location

We can provide you with few of our experienced staff for the first three months of the operation

We'll provide you with a complex restaurant accounting software with multiple reporting possibilities

You'll receive most of the prepared goods, packaging and marketing materials from us

You can use our auditing services to protect your restaurant against theft and mistakes

We offer a full inventory control system

Our partner accounting company can manage your statutary accounting

We can provide all IT installations such as PC server setup, POS, wifi, audio, cameras, survelliance etc.

We'll open your new restaurant together with you and celebrate it:)

This concept was created by a very strong team of great people.

The major stake of the company is owned by a highly trustful investor from Switzerland known for his honesty  and positive business relationship experience. 

The core creator of the original idea was Pavel Matousek who was the co-founder, general director and co-owner of a very successful fast casual restaurant chain Burrito Loco, director of Agave Restaurant and other successful companies and restaurants.

The CEO of the company is Milada Kubínová, personally representing our 'love brand' and providing maximum care to our employees and customers. 

The heart of the company is the central kitchen team built by

our head chef Martin Prochazka and sous chef Ladislav Fiala.

These professionals personally take care of all food produced in Chickin and they care about the highest possible hygiene standards. 

You'd be surprised how clean and organised our central kitchen is. Our kitchen is controlled by multiple state inspections on regular basis and we always receive the best classification. Our food is safe. 

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